Ritual Abuse


Ritual Abuse

Hi, how are you? yeah, yeah, yeah that’s great, now shut up and listen! I made this CD and I worked on it for a lot of years. But not everyday or anything. in fact there was a few years there where I didn’t even touch this. So in reality I probably didn’t work that hard on (haha) it. But whatever, its done and I haven’t put out a CD since 2004 and that barely counts because there was only 100 of them and like 20 of them I lost somewhere. Then the other ones I threw at passing school children, but they just threw it back.

Anyway, this CD mostly centers around the Satanic Ritual Abuse scare in late 80s and early 90s. Here’s a wikipedia article for those that are curious: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satanic_ritual_abuse. I spent years collecting old VHS and DVDr dubs of Ritual Abuse documentaries made by Christian organizations during that time period. The music is a darker then my other releases and doesn’t feature any of the cartoony funny tracks. It combines doomcore, speedcore and ambient industrial noise! Here is the track list I ended up with:

1. He’s Watching You (Vocals By Ruby LaRocca) (MP3 Sample)
2. Ritual Abuse (MP3 Sample)
3. Goat (MP3 Sample)
4. Daddies Lil’ Crenshaw Melon (MP3 Sample)
5. Death The Whore (MP3 Sample)
6. Corpse Fucking (MP3 Sample)
7. Grandpa (MP3 Sample)
8. Animal Crackers (Music Video)
9. 12 Year Old Girl (MP3 Sample)
10. Satan’s Rainbow (Guitars By C1B2) (MP3 Sample)
11. Mourning Sickness (MP3 Sample)
12. Sexual Sacrifice (Vocals By Ami Goodheart) (MP3 Sample)
13. Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy (MP3 Sample)

Now that all that intro shit is out of the way let me explain to you what the hell this CD is. Basically it took me so long to finish this thing that by time it was done the way music was being sold is much different then it was in 2004. CDs are worthless so theres no point in pressing 500-1000 of them that I know I’m never going to sell. So instead I’m doing this. I made 100 copies on CDr (that I drew pictures on, awww) and included with the CDr is a 32 book with pictures of shit I cut out religious books and scans of some of my old angsty journals and crap. Here’s some pictures:

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