“When Black Birds Fly” DVD

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This is for the standard Bag Monster/MVD release only it comes directly from me and can be signed/desecrated at request and also comes with 1 free sticker!


  • Commentary with Jimmy screamerclauz, m dot strange and rakel musicbox

  • reversible cover art! comes with both covers pictured!

  • ‘Affection’ Short Film

  • Butcher’s Harem ‘Clinical Sodomy’ Music Video

  • ‘Mutwa’ Music Video

  • Deleted Scenes (Plus option to watch feature with deleted scenes)

  • Propaganda Reels

  • Interactive Animated Menus

  • Art Gallery

  • Bonus Trailers

  • Behind the Scenes Voice Acting Montage

  • ‘Reality Bleed-Through’ Short

  • ‘ScreamerClauz Action Figure’ Shorts

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Weight .5 lbs
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