Hi. I know my films are free on torrent and streaming sites. I’m not (fully)tarded so I knew this would happen eventually, I just hope some of you can find it in your black cold-as-ice hearts (don’t worry, I’m one of you) to maybe still buy stuff so that I can make more crap and eat food and not die. Or you can just send me cash donations, like $5-$1,000,000 for my trouble. But no less then $5, that way I know I’m important

Reasons You Should Give Jimmy ScreamerClauz Money:


  • He has a kind and gentle soul and saves animals on the street or something. (haha I almost typed genital instead of gentle)
  • He gives food to the needy. Like when his other poor friends come over and they’re all like “can I have some of that” and he’s like “sure”
  • The Landlord and/or electric company want money from him, like every month!! The nerve of some people
  • He’ll show you his tits and then GTFO
  • Paper bags aren’t free…… oh wait yes they are
  • You probably give money to Jesus all the time, and he can’t even email and be like “thanks bro xoxoxo”. Why don’t they have email in heaven? Is it cause its too high in the sky and they can’t get signals? Like in airplanes, all though you can get wifi on planes now. I bet Jesus just can’t figure the password to his neighbors account or something. What were we talking about again?
  • He has a three legged deer that hangs out in the yard, he likes bread. Jimmy would like the continue giving leggy bread. Maybe even like, vegetables or oats and grains or whatever the hell else deer eat.
  • He goes to McDonalds a lot and sees jars where the happy kids are like “Yo, Ronald saved my life, drop some change in”. He never drops change in, but he also doesn’t take any out. That makes him good.
  • His toilet takes a few tries to flush and it upsets visitors. Not that he’s going to use the money to fix it, but just thought you should know.
  • He wants to make more movies
  • Real Customer Testimonials!!!!! 
  • “I gave JimmyClawz money and my sickness went away” – Former Sick Person”I had all this money I didn’t know what to do with, so I gave it to Jimmy and now I have purpose” – Rich Bored Person”I gave jimmy some money and all of a sudden like 25 hot naked chicks fell out of the attic. Took my a month to fuck em all, but I didn’t contract one social disease!” – Satisfied Customer”He just flat out deserved it more then I did!” – Smart Person

    “I didn’t give him any money. Then my testicles and/or tits fell off and now the opposite (or same) sex doesn’t heart me anymore” – Person Who Didn’t Donate


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