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  • Caine Prayer Candle Design 3

  • “If You Haven’t Found Caine….” 5X3 Inch Sticker!

  • Social Commentary About Religion and/or Abortion. But Mostly I Was Just High

  • Cyclops Titty Bitch With Tentacles

  • Green Demon Thing With Chicken Pox & a Tongue That Looks Like It’s Entering Rather Than Exiting

  • BFF

  • Vague Description Of Things That Might Be In The Painting But Are Usually Just Long Strings of Non-sense

  • Slightly Retarded Multi-Googly-eyed creature thing that might be a spider even though I didn’t really intended him to be, but otherwise he’s just a floating monster with dangling growths, and who wants to think about unpleasant things like that

  • Stop looking down here!!